Hearing Aids Delhi

Phonak Hearing Aid Price List

S.NofamilyModelChannelsBattery sizeMRP
1RIC - Phonak AudeoTM PPhonak Audéo P90 R20Li-ion3,50,000
2Phonak Audéo P90 312203123,40,000
3Phonak Audéo P70 R20Li-ion1,80,000
4Phonak Audéo P70 312203121,70,000
5Phonak Audéo P50 R16Li-ion95,000
6Phonak Audéo P50 3121631290,000
7Phonak Audéo P30 R12Li-ion52,000
8Phonak Audéo P30 3121231248,000
9RIC - Phonak NaidaTM PPhonak Naida P90 PR203,50,000
10Phonak Naida P90 UP203,40,000
11Phonak Naida P70 PR201,80,000
12Phonak Naida P70 UP201,70,000
13Phonak Naida P50 PR1695,000
14Phonak Naida P50 UP1688,000
15Phonak Naida PR1252,000
16Phonak Naida P30 UP1246,000
17RIC - Phonak AudeoTMPhonak Audéo M90 312203123,25,000
18Phonak Audéo M90 R20Li-ion3,35,000
19Phonak Audéo M70 312163121,60,000
20Phonak Audéo M70 R16Li-ion1,70,000
21Phonak Audéo M50 3121231265,000
22Phonak Audéo M50 R12Li-ion70,000
23Phonak Audéo M30 312831244,000
24Phonak Audéo M30 R8Li-ion48,000
25BTE - Phonak BoleroTM MPhonak Bolero M90 M203123,25,000
26Phonak Bolero M90 PR20Li-ion3,35,000
27Phonak Bolero M70 M163121,60,000
28Phonak Bolero M70 PR16Li-ion1,70,000
29Phonak Bolero M50 M1231263,000
30Phonak Bolero M50 PR12Li-ion70,000
31Phonak Bolero M30 M831242,000
32Phonak Bolero M30 PR8Li-ion48,000
33Pediatric BTE - Phonak SkyTM MPhonak Sky M90 M203123,25,000
34Phonak Sky M90 PR20Li-ion3,35,000
35Phonak Sky M90 SP20133,25,000
36Phonak Sky M70 M163121,60,000
37Phonak Sky M70 PR16Li-ion1,70,000
38Phonak Sky M70 SP16131,60,000
39Phonak Sky M50 M1231263,000
40Phonak Sky M50 PR12Li-ion70,000
41Phonak Sky M50 SP121363,000
42Phonak Sky M30 M831242,000
43Phonak Sky M30 PR8Li-ion48,000
44Phonak Sky M30 SP81342,000
45Phonak NaidaTM MPhonak Naida M90 SP203,25,000
46Phonak Naida M70 SP161,60,000
47Phonak Naida M50 SP1263,000
48Phonak Naida M30 SP842,000
49Phonak VirtoTM MPhonak Virto M90 312203,25,000
50Phonak Virto M90 312 NW 0203,25,000
51Phonak Virto M90 10 NW 020133,25,000
52Phonak Virto M70 312161,60,000
53Phonak Virto M70 312 NW 0161,60,000
54Phonak Virto M70 10 NW 0161,60,000
55Phonak Virto M50 3121231263,000
56Phonak Virto M50 312 NW 01263,000
57Phonak Virto M50 10 NW 01263,000
58Phonak Virto M30 312831242,000
59Phonak Virto M30 312 NW 0842,000
60Phonak Virto M30 10 NW 0842,000
61RIC-Phonak AudéoTM BPhonak Audéo B90 10**20102,31,000
62Phonak Audéo B90 312203122,31,000
62Phonak Audéo B90 312T**203122,31,000
63Phonak Audéo B90 1320132,31,000
64Phonak Audéo B70 10**161096,000
65Phonak Audéo B70 3121631296,000
66Phonak Audéo B70 312T**1631296,000
67Phonak Audéo B70 13161396,000
68Phonak Audéo B50 10**121043,000
69Phonak Audéo B50 3121231243,000
70Phonak Audéo B50 312T**1231243,000
71Phonak Audéo B50 13121343,000
72Phonak Audéo B30 10**81030,000
73Phonak Audéo B30 312831230,000
74Phonak Audéo B30 312T**831230,000
75Phonak Audéo B30 1381330,000
76BTE-Phonak BoleroTM BPhonak Bolero B90 M**203122,30,000
77Phonak Bolero B90 P**20132,30,000
78Phonak Bolero B90 SP**20132,30,000
79Phonak Bolero B70 M**1631295,000
80Phonak Bolero B70 P**161395,000
81Phonak Bolero B70 SP**161395,000
82Phonak Bolero B50 M**1231242,000
83Phonak Bolero B50 P**121342,000
84Phonak Bolero B50 SP**121342,000
85Phonak Bolero B30 M**831229,000
86Phonak Bolero B30 P**81329,000
87Phonak Bolero B30 SP**81329,000
88Power BTE - Phonak NaidaTM BPhonak Naida B90 SP20132,30,000
89Phonak Naida B90 UP206752,30,000
90Phonak Naida B70 SP161395,000
91Phonak Naida B70 UP1667595,000
92Phonak Naida B50 SP121342,000
93Phonak Naida B50 UP1267542,000
94Phonak Naida B30 SP81329,000
95Phonak Naida B30 UP867529,000
96Pediatric - Phonak SkyTM BPhonak Sky B90 RIC**20132,30,000
97Phonak Sky B90 M203122,30,000
98Phonak Sky B90 P**20132,30,000
99Phonak Sky B90 SP**20132,30,000
100Phonak Sky B90 UP206752,30,000
101Phonak Sky B70 RIC**161395,000
102Phonak Sky B70 M1631295,000
103Phonak Sky B70 P**161395,000
104Phonak Sky B70 SP**161395,000
105Phonak Sky B70 UP1667595,000
106Phonak Sky B50 RIC**121343,000
107Phonak Sky B50 M1231242,000
108Phonak Sky B50 P**121342,000
109Phonak Sky B50 SP**121342,000
110Phonak Sky B70 UP1267542,000
111Phonak Sky B30 RIC**81330,000
112Phonak Sky B30 M831229,000
113Phonak Sky B30 P**81329,000
114Phonak Sky B30 SP**81329,000
115Phonak Sky B30 UP867529,000
116Custom - Phonak VirtoTM BPhonak Virto B90 10 NW 0 /312 NW 02010,3122,30,000
117Phonak Virto B90 10 020102,30,000
118Phonak Virto B90 312203122,30,000
119Phonak Virto B70 10 NW 0 /312 NW 01610,31295,000
120Phonak Virto B70 10 0161095,000
121Phonak Virto B70 3121631295,000
122Phonak Virto B50 10 NW 0 /312 NW 01210,31242,000
123Phonak Virto B50 10 0121042,000
124Phonak Virto B50 3121231242,000
125Phonak Virto B30 10 NW 0 /312 NW 0810,31229,000
126Phonak Virto B30 10 081029,000
127Phonak Virto B30 312831229,000
128Vitus +Vitus + ITE 10 NW 0623,500
129Vitus + ITE ITE623,500
130Vitus + BTE P623,500
131Vitus + BTE UP623,500
132Vitus + RIC 312624,000
133BTE-Baseo QPhonak Baseo Q10 M317,000
134Phonak Baseo Q10 SP317,000
135Phonak Baseo Q5 M212,500
136Phonak Baseo Q5 SP212,500
137CIC/ITC-Tao QPhonak tao Q10 10317,000
138Phonak tao Q10 312317,000
139Phonak CROS (Belong)CROS B-31235,000
140CROS B-13*35,000
141CROS B-312 Custom35,000
142AccessoriesPhonak Partner Mic18,000
143Roger Select in75,000
144Phonak Remote Control10,000
145TV Connector9,000
146Phonak Charger BTE RIC5,000
147ComPilot Air 1115,000
148ComPilot 1115,000
149Remote Mic20,000
150PilotOne 1110,000
151TVLink 1120,000
152Powerone BatteriesPOWERONE 675 MF (Pack of 6)240
153POWERONE 13 MF (Pack of 6)240
154POWERONE 312 MF (Pack of 6)240
155POWERONE 10 MF (Pack of 6)240