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Is my hearing loss temporary or permanent?

Although most of the causes of hearing problems are not permanent, one should seek treatment immediately, as difficulties can arise that may lead to permanent hearing loss. Still, to know whether the hearing loss you are experiencing is permanent or temporary, the following is the list of causes for temporary and permanent hearing loss. 

Common causes of temporary hearing loss

Most of the temporary hearing problems do not start suddenly, but rather slowly over a couple of days or weeks before it comes to your notice. Temporary hearing loss may be the outcome of a hurdle in the ear canal or a similar health-associated condition. It may include:

Ear Infection

At times a severe cold can develop into an ear infection, which can mute hearing. Even though the condition is very common in kids, however, it can happen at any age. Also, ear infections normally clear up by themselves, it’s always great to seek an appointment from a doctor just in case it requires getting treated with an antibiotic. 

Excessive earwax

The hair follicles and glands in the internal ear generate cerumen, this liquid-like substance is also called earwax. Even though this cerumen normally comes out of your ears automatically or through soft washing, it at times blocks the ear canal. Whenever this happens, one may feel a plugging sensation in the ear, buzzing in the ear, or not be able to listen properly. Remember if through gentle cleaning wax cannot be removed then one may need a warm washcloth, for this consult an ear specialist. Moreover, don’t try to clean the wax with any sharp thing or cotton swabs, as it may push it deeper into the ear canal of the ear. 

Workout or stress

A workout schedule could be the cause of hearing loss or tinnitus. While one workout more than their fitness standards, one may experience temporary hearing loss. Also hearing normally comes back to normal in some hours if it doesn’t see your physician immediately. Extreme stress could also trigger tinnitus or hearing loss.

Common causes of permanent hearing loss

Exposure to loud noise

Even a single blast may temporarily give instant hearing loss, then think what may repeat exposures to blasts or loud noises could cause. This is a common type of sensorineural hearing loss, which is not temporary. Sensorineural type of hearing loss refers to nerves of the ear and tiny cells that can easily be damaged.

Age-related hearing loss

Presbycusis is the other very common kind of sensorineural hearing loss, it is also known as age-related hearing loss. By the age of 75, many people realize they are not able to hear as much as they used to. Although, it starts slowly, not immediately. Taking the treatment of age-linked hearing loss is very significant, as hearing aids not just help one with better listening but also reduce the risk of health problems like dementia.

Some health disorders

Some health problems could be a reason behind permanent hearing loss, like genetics disorders, Meniere’s disease, infection, viral, or autoimmune conditions. Furthermore, even some medications are there that can be a cause of hearing loss.

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