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Impact of hearing loss on mental health and how to deal with it?

No matter what is the cause of the hearing problem it drops the confidence and self-esteem of most people and youngsters are more vulnerable to it. As the impaired ability to talk and listen with other people leave one confused and sometimes embarrassed. Furthermore having a hearing loss can also restrict the ability to learn or speak a new language.

Hearing problem or loss refers to minimal hearing, which could be because of a variety of reasons. It can vary from mild to severe hearing loss. Each body part is equally significant in order to live and stay healthy. Although the hearing problem is not due to an underlying disease, still it affects one’s life mentally. Having knowledge of it is a mental health act for tension-free and healthy living.

As per many studies, people with untreated hearing loss are expected to feel anxiety, fear, and frustration. In some situations, it also leads to an inability to sleep or depression.

How hearing loss can affect professional and personal life?

Hearing loss can affect an individual in three key methods:
● Educational and job opportunities because of impaired communication.
● Most people avoid social gatherings due to communication and understanding problems.
● Emotional problems triggered by a drop in self-esteem.

There are two common types of hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss: In this type of hearing problem is caused due to obstruction or infection on the outer or middle ear. It causes:
● Infections or malfunctions in the outer or middle ear.
● Damage in eardrum
● Impact on ear wax

Sensorineural hearing loss: This type of hearing loss problem is caused the damage in the hair cells in the inner ear. It can cause:
● Old age factors
● Exposure to loud music or machinery
● Certain medication treatments or chemicals such as ototoxic medication.

How helping people with hearing loss to cope:

For people who do not have hearing loss problems, it can be very helpful to understand that what an individual with hearing loss may be going through.

As people with normal hearing usually don’t have to think about social gatherings or communication. However, for most people with hearing problems, these things can be very big reasons for tracking everyday life.

Communicating with medical professionals due to hearing loss anxiety can works wonders and helps one to lead easy life with hearing loss. Furthermore, having knowledge of hearing aid can make one live stress-free, as if the hearing loss is caused because of damage to the inner ear, a hearing aid can restore hearing and improve overall well-being. Discuss with your audiologist about the potential benefits of hearing aids and what to expect.

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