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Signia AX series- An advanced version!
Influenced by the human brain’s functioning that solves complexities, the Signia Assistant offers instant support whenever wearers require to rearrange their settings. When the alter is made, the assistant collects information about the wearer and the acoustic case.

Live deep brain network AI drives the Signia assistant marks a revolution in hearing support. Moreover, it is a living system that learns about individual necessities in particular situations. Therefore, 93% of wearers regard the Signia Assistant as a knowledgeable innovation that raises their satisfaction with their hearing devices in hard listening circumstances.

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Signia Styletto AX
This tiny, more discreet Styletto design consists of the most latest Augmented Xperience platform- the AX hearing aid range. The latest charging abilities also mean that with the portal charging case you can charge on the go. It also has the potential to provide you with around four days of autonomy without requiring you to charge your device. An ideal hearing device for a long weekend and a pocket fit for extra enhancement when require- specifically if you are one who streams often.

Signia Pure AX
It is the latest telecoil-designed hearing aid. Wearers can directly connect to the audio loop system. The magnificent Li-ion power cell of Pure AX offers up to around 31 hours of use on just a single charge consisting of 5 hours of streaming, making it an impressive option due to great amplification, and wearers who feel comfortable streaming calls, music, and etc a lot via Bluetooth.

Signia Insio AX
It has a new rechargeable Insio AX ITC AND ITE model redefining what tailor-made hearing aids can deliver the experience to its wearers. Insio AX is the first customer hearing device with wireless charging. Patients easily wear Insio in its charger without worrying about any exact charging mode, one can charge them while sleeping, and till the time you wake up your hearing device is good to go. It will keep going throughout the day with a single charge of 2 hours.

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