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We at hearing aids Delhi are proud to present one of the oldest Indian brands in terms of selling hearing aids, Alps. Alps have almost thirty per cent of the market share in India for hearing health care with a large product range. Alps hearing aid price is decided upon meticulously to cater to the needs of each and every class of society. They manufacture hearing aids for all segments of people.

The rate list alps hearing machine gives a sense of satisfaction that even the average household can buy one for themselves as they provide cheaper models serving their true purpose. Buying hearing aids online has become much more convenient and beneficial. You can now go through the reviews of each and every model. Armed with thorough knowledge, you are likely to get the best value for the money you spend with a bit of precaution and care. The complete alps hearing aid price list has been provided here For eg, the pocket models like Alps Comphy, Alps Futura and behind the ear models like Alps Nova BTE etc.

S.NofamilyProductChannel/BandBattery SizeRangeMRP
1Hi-Res Hearing Aids(digital)Tesla CIC1610upto 90dB78,900
2Tesla Micro 10 RIC (neo 3d)1610upto 70dB79,900
3Tesla Micro 10 SLE1610upto 70dB75,000
4Tesla Mini RIC (3d)1613upto 70dB78,000
5Tesla Mini SLE (3d)1613upto 70dB75,000
6Tesla BTE 13 STD1613upto 80dB75,000
7Tesla BTE 13 Power1613upto 90dB70,000
8Tesla BTE675 SP16675upto 120dB72,000
9Hi-Res Hearing Aids(digital)Dyana i CIC1610upto 90dB1,65,000
10Dyana i Micro 10 SLE1610upto 70dB1,55,000
11Dyana i Micro 10 RIC1610upto 70dB1,60,000
12Dyana i BTE 13 STD1613upto 80dB1,40,000
13Hi-Res Hearing Aids(digital)Karizma I CIC1610upto 90dB88,900
14Karizma I Micro 10 SLE1610upto 70dB84,000
15Karizma i Micro10 RIC1610upto 70dB89,000
16Karizma i BTE13 SLE1613upto 70dB86,500
17Karizma i BTE13 STD1613upto 80dB89,500
18Karizma i BTE13 STD1613upto 90dB80,000
19H.R.H Super Power digitalAmazer BTE675 SP12675upto 120dB52,000
20H.R.H Super Power digitalAmazer BTE675 SP12675upto 120dB52,000
21"Digital" Digitally Programmable-MID END6Spro + CIC1210upto 90dB39,500
226Spro + CIC MP1210upto 80dB44,000
236Spro + Mini RIC (3D)1213upto 75dB38,500
246Spro + Mini SLE (3D)1213upto 75dB35,000
25Space N CIC1210upto 90dB29,500
26Space N CIC MP1210upto 90dB34,000
27Space N Mini RIC (3D)1213upto 75dB28,500
28Space N Mini BTE1213upto 90dB26,900
29Space N BTE 13 STD1213upto 90dB22,900
30Space N BTE 13 SLE1213upto 70dB23,000
31Space N BTE675 SP12675upto 115dB28,500
32Space ND BTE 13 Power1213upto 106dB22,900
33Space ND BTE675 SP12675upto 115dB28,800
34BASIC DIGITALSmartEar + CIC610upto 85dB19,500
35SmartEar + CIC VC610upto 85dB19,900
36SmartEar + Mini BTE613upto 90dB19,200
37SmartEar + BTE13 Power613upto 105dB18,500
38SmartEar + BTE675 (Super Power)6675upto 115dB23,500
39SUPER POWER DIGITALTesla BTE 675 SP16675upto 85dB19,500
40Amazer BTE 675 SP12675upto 120dB52,000
41Space ND BTE 675 SP12675upto 115dB28,800
42Space N BTE 675 SP12675upto 115dB28,500
43Smart Ear + BTE 675 (Super Power)6675upto 115dB23,500
44RAPID FIT DIGITALErika CIC VC210upto 90dB12,900
45Erika i213upto 95dB11,300
46Erika Power213upto 105dB11,700
47Erika Plus213upto 105dB12,900
48Erika ND413upto 95dB11,500
49Erika ND POWER413upto 105dB11,900
50COMPACT BTEAlps high gain BTE N/H/HH67540-85dB7,500
51Alps Trump67540-95dB7,990
52"RUGGED" BODY WORNAlps ComfyAA Pencil Battery40-90dB2,650
53Alps Futura-OTMAA Pencil Battery40-90dB2,690
54Alps Stylo plus(N,H,HH)AA Pencil Battery25-80dB2,850
55Alps Advance plusAA Pencil Battery40-95dB2,850
56Alps Super MasterAA Pencil Battery40-100dB3,400
57Alps SM AVCAA Pencil Battery40-100dB3,550
58Alps SM ProAA Pencil Battery40-100dB3,400
60Blue Tooth Streamer16,000