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OTICON OPN- Bound to break the limitations!

As we all know that even a mild hearing can cause dementia, if not treated on time. As per some studies, people with a hearing problem who don’t use hearing aids have a great risk of dementia. Also, science shows that a human being hears with its brain and not from ears.
So, using a hearing aid that supports brain function to hear properly is BOOM.

However, hearing aid devices have come a long way from the bulky hearing aids of the past that usually had cords hanging on them. These days, they are compact, comfortable, and offer a range of features, letting you adjust hearing aids for different atmospheres, like a party, theatre, or a stadium. OTICON’s new range of hearing devices have superb sound quality with trend and outstanding features, all made, into one compact hearing device.

Hearingaidsdelhi has come up with a new range of OTICON hearing devices that peoplewith hearing problems should know.


The hearing device has a discreet lithium-ion-based battery and rechargeable feature that keeps the device charged the majority of the day after just three hours of full charging. Moreover, OTICON MORE is also introducing the latest BrainHearing™ technology which is a revolutionary hearing device that delivers the brain more of the right information it requires to make better sense of sound, so one can experience better speech understanding and capability to memorize more.

OTICON MORE features
• ‌ Provides 30% more sound to the brain
• ‌ Increases understanding of speech by 15%
• ‌ Decreases listening effort so that you remember more of what is being said

Oticon Ruby is a line of a behind-the-ear hearing device made to keep patients confident that one deserves and requires to live life to the fullest. Ruby enhances your understanding of speech so one can experience the joys of life. It’s time to get out and hear what you’ve been missing. OTICON RUBY is designed to give move.

OTICON RUBY features
● Great sound quality
● Behind ear style
● Comes in the best colors and styles that suit your lifestyle

OTICON OPN hearing devices support one to break all the restrictions and give liberty to join the communication in a complex listening atmosphere. The most complex for people with a hearing problem is understanding speech in loud spaces or when many people are talking at the same time. OTICON OPN breaks the limitations of what you thought possible with hearing aids. The device has proven to deliver improved speech understanding with little effort especially in noisy places and give people the normal hearing experience*.

OTICON OPN features
● Speech understanding is on par with normal hearing
● A 360⁰ outstanding sound experience
● Oticon Opn S provides simple, wireless connectivity to desired devices.
● OpenSound Optimizer technology detects as well as prevents irritating whistling before it even starts.

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