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Are you one of those who cover their ears after listening to your own voice? Did often ask yourself why?

A very known explanation for this is that because we commonly hear our own voice while speaking or communicating, which means we get to hear both sounds transferred to our ears externally by air conduction and sound transferred internally via bones. The bone generation sound delivers rich low frequencies that are not added to air-conducted vocal sound. So when you hear your own recorded voice you listen to it without these frequencies, i.e, it sounds different and higher.

But only the professionals can give the right explanation about it. Here is the expert’s explanation that www.hearingaidsdelhi.com/ compiled to give educative facts.

According to Susan Hughes, an evolutionary psychologist at Albright College, “When you hear your own recording, people are often vexed by it, they don’t like the way it sounds — they think they sound high pitched or just awkward.” This is a case something psychologists have thought about for decades, even after it hasn’t gotten a lot of research attention.

Source: https://www.discovermagazine.com/mind/why-the-sound-of-your-voice-makes-you-cringe

“When we then hear our own voice played back from a recording, that sound is then only filtered through air, just like other people’s voices, and so it sounds different from when we hear ourselves while speaking,” says Merel Maslowski, a psycholinguist at Royal Dutch Kentalis, a hearing and communication research organization in the Netherlands, via mail.

Source: https://www.discovermagazine.com/mind/why-the-sound-of-your-voice-makes-you-cringe

As per Martin Birchall, professor of laryngology (the study of the larynx, or voice box) at University College London, “When we talk, it’s like everyone hears the sound through speakers, but we’re hearing it through a cave complex inside our own heads, the sound is going around our sinuses, all the empty spaces in our heads and the middle part of our ears,
which changes the way we hear sounds compared to what other people hear.”

Source: https://time.com/4820247/voice-vocal-cords/

In simple words, others get to listen to our original voice, and we listen get to listen to their original voice. Having a voice is a boon, and if you don’t like it, start liking it with the help.

If you want to become an RJ or planning to be in the media field and your voice makes you feel cringe and shrink your confidence, then visit a voice therapist he or she will help you to feel comfortable with your voice. A voice therapist, speech therapist, an audiologist, and three different people who help you to listen and speak better made you confident.

Also, if you have a hearing problem you tend to speak loud and if you will listen to your recorded voice you feel more uncomfortable. In this case, you should wear hearing aids and then record your voice.

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