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Audio Service: service-oriented. Driven by innovation. Cooperative.

Service orientation, a pioneering spirit, and innovative strength – these are the key success factors of the Löhne-based hearing system manufacturer Audio Service. To this day, the company has stayed true to its objective since it was founded in 1977: to help people actively participate in life again with high-quality hearing systems, and thus put a bit of joy back into their lives. Audio Service hearing systems are available exclusively at hearing aid acousticians.

Why Audio Services?

We have grown and become well known for custom hearing systems. Even today, we are still the undisputed market leader in the custom hearing system segment and we defend our market leadership through regular innovations. In addition, we offer a complete range of products with behind-the-ear hearing systems, open-fitting systems, RIC hearing systems, ear molds as well as a comprehensive array of accessories and apps – and not only in Germany but in more than 45 countries around the globe.

The new hearing systems from Audio Service

Mood Li-Ion G5

Full connectivity with simultaneous binaural data processing combined with lithium-ion technology. Convenient recharging with inductive charging technology, independence thanks to up to 19 hours of battery life and full integration in everyday life with the aid of the Smart Direct app

Ida BT G5

With the new Ida BT, media content can for the first time be played on a custom hearing system via Direct Audio Streaming or Smart Mic. Thanks to the G5 technology, the Ida BT is equipped with many additional innovative features.

Icon G5 Precise

The smallest custom model from Audio Service is the cosmetic solution for your customers who want the most discreet system possible. With the ultra-small Icon G5 Precise, you can clearly tell the difference thanks to the new smaller microphone and the thinner shell.

Audio Service products

Vega G4

Sina G5

Ida G5