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AM Hearing Aids

With about 100 years of experience and tradition, AM hearing aids has always strived to create products capable of meeting high expectations. Today the AM hearing aids brand has achieved a profile capable of ensuring that the benefits of enhanced digital technology are accessible by budget conscious users.

Many years of intensive research have been able to unlock nature’s guarded secrets about how the human ear works. This knowledge serves as a basic for technical developments of the modern hearing machine; with the aim of approximating the natural hearing process as closely as it is possible to do with technical means.


The Aurora family

Derived from the most modern technical enhancement the Aurora family offers a complete family of programmable hearing instruments to satisfy the strictest expectations.

Aurora Advanced Functionalities:

  • Fully digital WDRC amplifier.
  • Directional microphone
  • Open tube fitting option
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Add on features for advanced user convenience.

The models in this family are the Aurora 8 Pro, Aurora 4 Pro and the Aurora 2.

Digitrim family:

This unique family of hearing instruments offers the latest trimmer technology and a design that offers the highest level of reliability and covers an extensive range of customer needs.

Digitrim advanced functionalities:

  • Robust design and volume control
  • Advanced digital feedback cancellation
  • Up to 3 trimmers : NH, MPO, Gain control
  • Microphone noise reduction
  • 100% digital signal processing.

The models in this family are Digitrim 23, Digitrim 12, and AM 111.