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Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafone has been in business for over half a century, operating from their company headquarters in Switzerland. They have the reputation for producing high quality hearing devices and have continued to expand worldwide. Bernafone offers a whole line of hearing solutions but their digital hearing machines are specially advanced.

Hearing and understanding are a basic human need. Hearing problems and the resulting social consequences represent a challenge to society. Bernafone hearing aids believe that people with hearing impairment can communicate without limitations thanks to advanced technology.

Bernafone has a few different product lines that they specialize in: Chronos, Verite, Inizia, and Xtreme. Each of these lines carries a wide variety of different products. Most are equipped with the company’s Channel Free signal processing power

With the varying capabilities Bernafone hearing aids are an adequate product for those with severe to profound hearing loss. The Bernafone digital hearing machine covers the spectrum- including hearing aids for seasoned wearers and those for people new to using hearing aids . They also encompass the full range of features from basic to more technical. What sets Bernafone apart is the use of Swiss engineering which is well known for its high quality, superior functionality and esthetics. It is through Swiss engineering initiatives that Bernafone hearing aids has improved the miniaturization of hearing devices, developed more advanced digital signal processing and designed more innovative programming with a complex range of benefits for hearing aid users.

The Bernafone hearing aids price list reflects its wide range of accessibility. It spans a wide array of prices and is suitable for everyone.

This global company puts hearing in the forefront , operating under the premise that hearing is a  basic right and requirement .