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GN-Resound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound offers one of the newest and most updated line ups for hearing aids . The ReSound history dates back to 1943. Since then Resound has been a dominant player in the hearing aid industry. The ReSound collection includes ReSound LiNX, ReSound LiNX  TS, ReSound ENZO, Resound  Verso, ReSound Verso TS, ReSound  Alero, ReSound Alero TS, ReSound Live, Dot by Resound, Resound Magna, Resound Sparx, ReSound Vea, Legacy hearing aids.

 GN ReSound  hearing aids offers top rated design quality, innovative designs and meaningful solutions. Since 1943 GN  GN ReSound has been striving to make a hearing machine that is  invisible. GN ReSound hearing aids is responsible for the introduction of hearing aids to the people and this is reflected in their hearing aids prices. The pocket models are extremely budget friendly and prices increase as per the problems and additional features. The price list specifies the level of hearing impairment that is from mild to severe to profound. For each problem a model is provided for a real life experience.

No two people have exactly the same type of hearing loss. Small, comfortable and powerful our hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of digital technology that can be tuned to suit your unique hearing needs. GN Resound offers two varieties of hearing aids –the behind-the –ear-hearing aids and custom-in-the-ear-hearing- aids .

GN Resound hearing aids are designed to operate in a 2.4 GHz which is a widely used and globally accepted frequency band used by most cordless phones, video games consoles, home wireless networks etc.