Hearing aids and accessories for children

You want the best for your child, and so we bring all brand children hearing aids at one place at one go. For over years we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the needs of children with hearing loss, allowing us to develop truly innovative and intuitive solutions that meet their specific listening needs.

Ready for success

Having solutions which cater to the specific listening needs of children with unilateral hearing loss allows them to focus on what is important – listening, interacting and learning.

Active participation in the modern classroom

The Roger for Education portfolio includes carefully designed products to suit every student and every situation. Complexity is no more and children can hear it all!

Importance of hearing aids for your child

If the audiologist recommends hearing aids for your child, it’s important that he or she wears them continuously, especially if the child is very young. Here’s why:

  1. From birth to three years, children’s brains are in a period of rapid development. Consistent sound input is critical for developing normal brain pathways for hearing, speech and language.
  2. Early listening and speaking are vital to language development. But when first learning a language, we can’t exactly “teach” it to children the way one would teach a school subject. Instead, language is caught. Children pick up on words and spoken syntax and language structure by being exposed to language continuously. For children with hearing loss, this incidental learning will need to be supplemented by speech and language therapy that focuses on attending to this auditory input.
  3. Consistent hearing is important for children – especially infants and toddlers – in bonding with their parents. It builds trust and allows for the feeling of a predictable, consistent world.

Hearing aids can be especially helpful for children because their young brains are in a period of rapid development. Sound input improves development of speech and cognitive functions.