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Interton Hearing Aids

In 2008 Inerton came out with a hearing aid that was the slimmest receiver-in –the –ear ever made called SLIM. It was only 5 millimeters wide. Ever since it introduced eight other hearing aid families to provide hearing aid devices that fit almost every user’s needs and budget.

The company doesn’t simply focus on making their hearing aids the most popular in the market. They offer four categories of hearing aids. The premium products have all the latest features and allow the individual to customize their needs or desires. The comfort class is suited for those with an active lifestyle, while the basic is perfect for those with a quieter lifestyle. If money is an issue, Inerton hearing aids offer budget products.

Premium products – these top of the line products allow the device to be tailored to suit the customer’s needs. The premium products are the most versatile and include Scope 6 and Cosmos 6.

Plus or comfort Class- these are also hearing devices that offer a multitude of functions  for those requiring increased responsiveness  to changing situations and a busy lifestyle. These products include the Avio 5 and Cosmo 4.

Basic –For those that don’t have complex listening challenges, these aids work best. The digital products are affordable and include Scope 4, Elipse and Avio 3.

Budget- it is no longer necessary to go without a hearing aid because of price considerations. The budget product incorporates many of the high tech features of the other styles but priced with a budget in mind. You can find Start, Avio 1 and Stage in this category.

Special products – in addition to the other categories, the Inerton hearing aids has a class of special hearing machines. The product in this category is a digital wireless product, the CROS product, Relay.

Inerton hearing Aids price is available at the Hearing Aids Delhi website. You will never feel the pinch while going through the Inerton price as they offer an extensive list of features such as sound processing, speech understanding, feedback management and protection.