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Sonic Hearing Aids

Leading the way in innovation and development, Sonic innovations is a hearing aids manufacturer that markets digital instruments. Sonic innovations strives to provide the very top quality products  that mimic the most natural hearing possible  through an advanced understanding of the workings of the human ear. The company has developed patented digital signal processing technologies that can be used in hearing aid devices with the use of a microchip. Through constant technological innovations, Sonic innovations strives to make an impact on people who suffer from hearing loss.

Aiming to be the top hearing aid company on the planet, Sonic  innovations is committed to delivering  innovative hearing instruments that  offer individuals a high level of satisfaction and an opportunity to connect back with their lives. By thinking outside of the box and a markedly unconventional approach, sonic innovations comes up with fresh ideas  and creative solutions to offer positive and uplifting  experience to those who have to wear hearing aids.

The Sonic hearing aids include;

Bliss – this device is ideal for users hoping for a small device. The Bliss miniBTE is very discreet while the Bliss IIC is practically invisible.

Charm is streamlined to offer the right amount of features and technologies. Available in ITE, ITC and CIC and the nearly invisible IIC models, listeners love Charm.

Pep – with BTE and ITE models designed to fit active lifestyles, Pep is a great first step towards better hearing.

Flip – a tiny RIC that’s extremely easy to use, this instrument will Flip your expectations about hearing aids.

Sonic hearing aids are the best in class. Sonic hearing aids price is available at Hearing Aids, Delhi and fluctuate according to the model and specifications.

Turn to Sonic for all your hearing loss needs and reconnect with your life.