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Unitorn Hearing Aids

Unitron believes that the sounds of life should be enjoyed by everyone. That is why all their efforts  are directed towards pio Quantum2neering innovation. For close to half a century Unitron has manufactured and designed the hearing machine to meet people’s varying needs. Backed by the resources and acumen of the Sonova group – the leading global provider of healthcare solutions, Unitron develops proprietary technologies, using the most sophisticated platforms.

Unitron hearing aids offers a range of styles and functionalities. Unitron publishes a comprehensive Unitron hearing aids price list that ranges from 150000 for the Passport Fuse to Rs 6900 for their Ziel model.

Hearing Aids Delhi provides a one stop solution to all your hearing aids requirements. We believe in a good quality product and complete customer satisfaction by providing a comprehensive list of prices.

 Unitron hearing aids began in 1968 and would later merge with Unitron Industries, Canada , and are backed by its innovative parent Sonova.

Unitron hearing instruments come with a wide range of technologies to augment hearing for the mild to severe sufferer. There are several styles of Unitron hearing aids to fit most every need when it comes to hearing better. An Ultra small bte is available in 6 styles. Options include a traditional BTE,ITE, CIC and ITC. A first of the hearing world comes in the Fuse TM crossover instrument. The design of Fuse combines an ultra small BTE and ITE. Comfort is important to the company so they pass that importance on to the patient.