Hearing Aids Delhi

Phonak DECT cordless phone

This cordless phone solution automatically transmits phone conversations directly to both hearing aids for better speech understanding.

Better speech understanding on the phone

Receiving the phone signal in both ears significantly improves speech intelligibility on the telephone, especially when background noise is present. Independent studies have shown that using the Phonak DECT phone rather than a standard home phone, can improve speech understanding by over 40%.

Easy to use

No programming and no additional devices are required to use the Phonak DECT phone. The user can simply pick it up and talk. It is used just like a normal phone and doesn’t require the client to change the hearing aid program. Clients simply hold the phone in a normal manner (within 25 cm of the hearing aids) and the signal is streamed automatically.

An all-around solution

The phone includes a booster mode, which amplifies the sound when clients are not wearing their hearing aids. It also has a regular acoustic output and can therefore be used by non-hearing aid wearers, too. Up to six handsets can be connected to one base, which is particularly useful for small-office use.