Hearing Aids Delhi


Siemens Price List

Pocket ModelsMRP (INR)
Remote Controls and Optional Accessories
easyPocket Remote Control10990.00
ePocket Remote Control10990.00
ProPocket Remote Control10990.00
ePen Remote Control10990.00
Mini Tek24990.00
TEK Connect Pack24990.00
Battery for TEK Connect1100.00
Battery for epocket / Pro Pocket225.00
Car Adaptor for Tek550.00
Belt Clip for TEK Connect450.00
2nd Transmitter for miniTek3990.00
VoiceLink for miniTek9990.00
Rechargeability Accessories
eCharger 13/312 size10990.00
Rechargeable Cell 13/312 size990.00
Receiver-In-Canal Fitting Accessories
Receiver Unit(Type 1 – M,P)3590.00
Grid Dome Pack790.00
Click miniReceiver (Type 2-S,M,P,HP)4990.00
Click miniReceiver 2.0 (S,M,P,HP)4990.00
Click Dome Closed(6mm / 8mm / 10mm)790.00
Click Dome Double (8/10mm, 10/12mm)790.00
Click Dome(Semi-Open)790.00
Receiver Mold(P miniReceiver)990.00
In-The-Ear Instrument Accessories
Siemens Waxguard Kit(10Caps+Tool)400.00
C-Guard Waxguard Kit1350.00
C-Grid Waxguard Kit1350.00
HF4 Waxguard Set400.00
Battery Door for ITE / ITC400.00
Battery Door for ITE / ITC85.00
Battery Door for CIC105.00
Accessories for Colour Housings
Colour Exchange Kit1290.00
Accessories for Pediatric Fitting
BTE Hucki Holder(One Pair)125.00
Child Earhook200.00
Child Harness for pocket Models175.00
Sticker Book for Pocket Models550.00
Audio Input Shoe1100.00
Accessories for Drying and Cleaning
Air Syringe300.00
Stay Dry Dehumidifier Jar300.00
Miscellaneous Items
UV Hard Pocket/BTE Earmold350.00
Silicon Soft Pocket/BTE Earmold450.00
Custom Swim Plug450.00
Sport Clip for Aquaris BTE900.00
Autophone Magnet350.00
eArena DVDfor auditory training500.00
Battery Tester
Digital Battery Checker300.00
Open Fitting Accessories
Life BTE Earhook200.00
Life Tube Refill125.00
Life Tip Refill125.00
Slim Fit S-Lite Tube175.00
Eclipse DeepFit CIC Accessories
Soft Domes 6 pcs(8.5mm,9.7mm,11.7mm)1290.00
Removel Tool for soft dome150.00
Siemens Zinc Air Batteries
Siemens # 675 AE Battery28.00
Siemens # 13 AE Battery28.00
Siemens # 312 AE Battery28.00
Siemens # 10 AE Battery40.00
Pockettio Accessories
Receiver AM (use with Pockettio MP)500.00
Receiver DH(use with Pockettio DHP)500.00
Binaural Fit DMP(Y cord, XX reciver, eartips)800.00
Binaural Fit DHP(Y cord, XX reciver, eartips)900.00
Eartip (I Blister Packet – 6 tips)350.00
Audio input Cable50.00
Accessories for VITA Pocket Instrument
2 Pin Single-Cord Beige125.00
2 Pin V-Cord Beige250.00
3 Pin Single-Cord Beige200.00
3 Pin V-Cord Beige350.00
2 Pin Standard Receiver500.00
2 Pin Wide Band Receiver700.00
3 Pin Standard Receiver1200.00
3 Pin Wide Band CN 100 Receiver1200.00
Accessories for AMIGA Pocket Instrument
2 Pin Single-Cord Black150.00
2 Pin V-Cord Black(Pseudo-binaural Fitting)250.00
3 Pin Single-Cord Black250.00
2 Pin Receiver SM-855 Black800.00
3 Pin V-Cord Black(Pseudo-binaural Fitting)350.00
3 Pin Receiver ME-38 Black950.00
Accessories for TV Listening
Set 842-TV RF Wireless Headphone19990.00
Spare Battery for Set 842-TV Headphone1100.00
Pocket Instrument Add-ons
TV Listening Cord200.00
Pocket Eartip Assembly85.00
Pocket Eartip Adaptor35.00
Pocket Eartip Any size50.00
2 Pin Bone Conductor Headband3900.00
3 Pin Bone Conductor Headband4490.00
Behind-The-Ear Instrument Accessories
BTE Eartip Assembly(Eartip+Elbow+Tube)100.00
BTE Eartip Joint Elbow(L-Bend)35.00
BTE Eartip (Any Size)50.00