Hearing Aids Delhi

TV Connector

The TV Connector is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use device that can be used with Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids for top rated streamed sound quality¹.

AirStream™ technology

The proprietary 2.4 GHz streaming protocol provides energy efficient audio streaming from any TV and stereo system.

Direct connectivity

The TV Connector streams directly to the hearing aids within a range of up to 15 meters.

Plug ‘n Play

As soon as the TV Connector is connected to the TV and power source, it will automatically detect any compatible hearing aids within a 1 meter radius. No need for a complicated pairing process.

Multiple listeners

The TV Connector supports an unlimited amount of connected hearing aids with one device. The audio signal is streamed to all connected hearing aids simultaneously.


The TV Connector is compatible with Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct. All other wireless hearing aids are not compatible.