Hearing Aids Delhi


Pocket ModelsMRP (INR)
VITA and AMIGA Product family
VITA 1182290.00
AMIGA 172 N3690.00
AMIGA 176 AO4790.00
AMIGA 178 PP – AO5990.00
POCKETTIO Product Family
Pockettio MP3790.00
Pockettio HP4790.00
Pockettio Digital DMP (Mid Power)5490.00
Pockettio Digital DHP (High Power)6390.00
Basic Digital Trimmer Technology Models
BTE Touching6990.00
Lotus 12 Product Family ( 1 Channels)
LOTUS 12 P BTE7390.00
LOTUS 12 SP BTE8990.00
ITE LOTUS 1210990.00
ITC LOTUS 1211490.00
CIC LOTUS 1211990.00
Lotus 23 Product Family ( 2 Channels)
BTE LOTUS 23 M8590.00
BTE LOTUS 23 P9190.00
BTE LOTUS 23 SP10990.00
ITE LOTUS 2312490.00
ITC LOTUS 2312990.00
CIC LOTUS 2313990.00
LOTUS Pro Product Family(2 channels)
BTE LOTUS Pro M (Twin Mic)10990.00
BTE LOTUS Pro P11990.00
BTE LOTUS Pro SP12990.00
ITE LOTUS Pro15990.00
ITC LOTUS Pro16990.00
CIC LOTUS Pro17990.00
LOTUS Pro 2 Product Family(2 channels)
BTE LOTUS Pro 2 M (Twin Mic)13990.00
BTE LOTUS Pro 2 SP (Twin Mic)14990.00
INTUIS Pro Product Family
BTE Intuis Pro S Dir (Twin Mic)19990.00
BTE Intuis Pro Dir (Twin Mic)19990.00
BTE Intuis Pro SP Dir (Twin Mic)19990.00
INTUIS Product Family
BTE Intuis Life15490.00
BTE Intuis S Dir (Twin Mic)15990.00
BTE Intuis Dir (Twin Mic)16990.00
BTE Intuis SP Dir (Twin Mic)17990.00
ITE Intuis (Twin Mic)18990.00
ITC Intuis (Twin Mic)19490.00
CIC Intuis19990.00
Best Sound Technology Models
Pure micon Receiver-In-Canal(RIC) Products
RIC BTE Pure 3mi (Twin Mic) 99990.00
RIC BTE Pure 5mi (Twin Mic)149990.00
RIC BTE Pure 7mi (Twin Mic)229990.00
Pure XCEL BestSound Technology Models
Pure Receiver-In-Canal Products
RIC BTE 101 XCL+ (Twin Mic)29990.00
RIC BTE 301 XCL (Twin Mic)49990.00
MOTION micon BestSound Technolody Models
Motion micon BTE Product Family (32 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 3mi (Twin Mic)99990.00
BTE Motion SX 3mi (Twin Mic)99990.00
BTE Motion M 3mi (Twin Mic)99990.00
Motion 5mi BTE Product Family (32 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 5mi (Twin Mic)149990.00
BTE Motion SX 5mi (Twin Mic)149990.00
BTE Motion M 5mi (Twin Mic)149990.00
Motion 7mi BTE Product Family (48 Channels)
BTE Motion PX 7mi (Twin Mic)229990.00
BTE Motion SX 7mi (Twin Mic)229990.00
BTE Motion M 7mi (Twin Mic)229990.00
MOTION 101 XCL Product Family ( 6 Channels )
BTE MOTION 101 XCL SX+ ( Twin Mic )24990.00
BTE MOTION 101 XCL P+ ( Twin Mic )24990.00
ITE MOTION 101 XCL ( Twin Mic )24990.00
ITC MOTION 101 XCL ( Twin Mic )24990.00
CIC MOTION 101XCL24990.00
BTE MOTION 101 P ( Twin Mic )24990.00
Motion 301 XCL Product Family (8 Channels)
BTE Motion 301 XCL SX (Twin Mic)49990.00
BTE Motion 301 XCL P (Twin Mic)49990.00
ITE Motion 301 XCL (Twin Mic)49990.00
ITC Motion 301 XCL (Twin Mic)49990.00
CIC Motion 301 XCL49990.00
ACE micon Best Sound Technology Models
ACE Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) BTE Product
RIC BTE Ace Pure 5mi (Twin Mic)149990.00
RIC BTE Ace 7mi (Twin Mic)229990.00
Aquaris – Waterproof Products
Aquaris 3mi BTE (Twin Mic)99990.00
Aquaris 5mi BTE (Twin mic)149990.00
Aquaris 7mi BTE (Twin Mic)229990.00
ECLIPSE XCEL DeepFit Custom-Made Models
Eclipse DeepFit CIC Products
CIC Eclipse 301 XCL- 8 channels79990.00
CIC Eclipse 701 XCL – 16 channels184990.00
Nitro 301 SP BTE (Twin Mic)42990.00
ITE Nitro 30142990.00
ITC NITRO 301( 118/55 OR 128/70 )42990.00
CIC NITRO 301 ( 118/ 55 OR 128/70 )42990.00
Nitro 701 SP BTE (Twin Mic)74990.00
ITE NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )74990.00
ITC NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )74990.00
CIC NITRO 701 ( 118/55 OR 128/70 )74990.00
INSIO micon BestSound Technology Models
Insio 3mi Custom Product Family (24 Channels)
ITE Insio 3mi (Twin Mic)99990.00
ITC Insio 3mi (Twin Mic)99990.00
CIC Insio 3mi99990.00
Insio 5mi Custom Product Family (32 Channels)
ITE Insio 5mi (Twin Mic)1,49,990
ITC Insio 5mi (Twin Mic)1,49,990
CIC Insio 5mi1,49,990
Insio 7mi Custom Product Family (48 Channels)
ITE Insio 7mi (Twin Mic)2,29,990
ITC Insio 7mi (Twin Mic)2,29,990
CIC Insio 7mi2,29,990
Essential BestSound Technology Models
ORION Product family
BTE Orion S (Twin Mic)59,990
BTE Orion M (Twin Mic)59,990
BTE Orion P (Twin Mic)59,990
BTE Orion SP (Twin Mic)59,990
RIC BTE Orion (Twin Mic)59,990
ITE Orion (Twin Mic)59,990
ITC Orion (Twin Mic)59,990
CIC Orion (Twin Mic)59,990
SIRION Product family
BTE Sirion S (Twin Mic)34,990
BTE Sirion M (Twin Mic)34,990
BTE Sirion P(Twin Mic)34,990
ITE Sirion (Twin Mic)34,990
ITC Sirion (Twin Mic)34,990
CIC Sirion (Twin Mic)34,990

A hearing aid is a small, battery powered electronic device that helps a person in hearing. At Hearing Aids Delhi, we impart exemplary hearing aid technology and its advancements for our customers.

The devices of this age not only amplify sounds to make them audible but, they provide many other advantages like identifying the sound around you and adjusting the device accordingly. This makes you less susceptible to sudden loud noises. For the same purpose Hearing aids Delhi now provides Siemens hearing aids price in India.

Siemens, a German multinational is Europe’s largest engineering company and maker of medical diagnostics equipment. One of the most innovative products is a hearing aid. Siemens hearing aids price in India is decided keeping in mind the large consumer base. You can buy a Siemens device starting from a few thousands to a few lakhs. It is ensured that each device serves its purpose quite efficiently. You can now answer your cell phone, listen to television right and do everything that you found tough through your hearing instruments. You can even go for a swim with the waterproof options that keep out moisture, sweat and dirt. We provide solutions for nearly every ear and all degrees of hearing loss.